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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Adolescents and kids



How do adolescents with chronic fatigue syndrome perceive their social environment? A quantitative study. Elke L. S. Van Hoof1, 2, PhD; Pascale J. De Becker1, PhD; Charles Lapp3, MD; Kenny L. De Meirleir1, MD, PhD

Outcome of 48 Pediatric Patients With Chronic Fatigue

Symptoms in children

Pediatric Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Exploring Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in Adolescents

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome in children and adolescents.

This study set out to investigate the brain functioning of three children suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) - otherwise known as ME. It is perhaps a condition more heard of in adulthood, but the authors point out that it is also one of the most vexing problems that pediatricians encounter with their child and adolescent patients.

Comparative Study of Anxiety, Depression, Somatization, Functional Disability, and Illness Attribution in Adolescents With Chronic Fatigue or Migraine

Evidence based guideline for the management of CFS/ME in children and young people - December 2004

The definition of disabling fatigue in children and adolescents

High Nocturnal Melatonin in Adolescents with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Index of /yaonline/docs/

For parents of sick and worn-out children (cfs)

TEACH-ME: A sourcebook for teacher's of childeren with M.E./ CFS) and/or FMS

Teenage symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome are in the brain - not in the mind, says Dr James Le Fanu

CFS/ME and FM: Pregnancy, Birth and Childcare Survey 2002, Full Results, August 2003, © Caroline Walker

Re: The prevalence rate found wasn't that low compared to studies of adults

Several years of research have confirmed that CFS is indeed a physical illness - just one that's not fully understood


To blame a teenager's muscle pain (myalgia) on hormones is often a serious mistake. For a doctor to dismiss tired children and teenagers in pain simply because lab tests are negative is a grave error. Unexplained tiredness is oxygen deprivation in brain and other tissues. Muscle pain is oxygen deficiency in muscles. Those are the simple facts about tired children and teenagers in pain.

CFS kids and teens

Kids and cfs

Teens with CFS  benefit from behavior therapy

Tips from parents with CFS about surviving the preschool years

ME - What Every School Should Know by Jane Colby

Information & Advice: Schooling a child/ teenager with CFS

Children with ME/CFS

Fibromyalgia in Children

A memoir of a teenager’s fight with chronic and terminal illness

Orthostatic Intolerance in Adolescent Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

For Parents of Sick and Worn-Out Children

Education of Students with the Chronic Illness Disability

Psychosocial problems and adaptation of adolescent girls with CFS

Psychological support helps adolescents with CFS

Kids Health > Parents > Doctors & Hospitals > Caring for a seriously or chronically ill child > Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic fatigue in children and adolescents shares many features with the adult variant of the syndrome. The most important differences for younger patients? A shorter course and better outcome.

A study about childhood risk factors for chronic fatigue syndrome in adult life.

Psychological Adjustment of Adolescent Girls With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Cognitive behaviour therapy for adolescents with chronic fatigue syndrome: randomised controlled trial



Artikels :


Chronic fatigue syndrome in childhood  brain development

Epidemiology of Cfs and self reported ME in 5-15 year olds

Rapid responses to epidemiology of cfs and self reported ME in 5-15 year olds

School and kids with cfs

The struggle to function