Unum  wereldwijde herverzekeraar van grote maatschappijen


Many of us have complained repeatedly to the Maine Bureau of Insurance, and thousands of lawsuits have been filed against UNUM for wrongful denials of disability benefits, there appears to be a great deal of dissatisfaction among policyholders


I have collected data from dozens of claimants of UNUM and some from Provident who were not only intimidated and persecuted themselves, but believe their doctors and their families were harassed.


We understand exactly what is going on here. Several people have gone to desperate lengths to "prove" their claims. One UNUM claimant whose doctors were repeatedly harassed and whose doctors' reports were repeatedly ignored finally sent UNUM a sample of the bloody fecal matter from his colitis which at times keeps him housebound. His claim was paid shortly thereafter. A Provident claimant suffering from manic-depression, in desperation after several months of torment by Provident's claims handlers, sent Provident a letter written in her own blood. Her claim was also paid shortly thereafter. This woman admitted to me that she feared being driven to suicide, and if she was, she was going to do it on the steps of Provident's headquarters in Chattanooga . These are not the acts of satisfied customers!


At least two UNUM claimants involved in litigation for their benefits did commit suicide. I believe their survivors were awarded settlements by UNUM to cover up what really happened.