Cvs en zwangerschap en geboorte


Links about pregnancy, childcare and CFS/ME

A Yahoo discussion group for women have CFDS or FMS and are trying to get pregnant or are already pregnant or already have children.

"A community for parents, parents-to-be and people considering parenthood who suffer from ME/CFS."  
An up-to-date website with articles on parenting with CFS/ME and a busy message board for women with CFS/ME and with children or thinking of having children

Article by Dr Charles Lapp on "Childbearing and CFIDS: Making a Difficult Decision"

Tips From Parents With CFS About Surviving The Preschool Years

An M.E. Sufferers Experience Of Pregnancy, Childbirth & Parenthood



General links about CFS/ME and FM

Report from the UK government's Chief Medical Officer Working Group on CFS/ME, published January 2002

Declares itself "The Largest CFS Site on the Web!" c/w articles, discussion board and products.

An online resource for sufferers of ME/CFS