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There is a lot of information on the web on chronic fatigue syndrome and many sites that provide links to this information. I have attempted to provide links not only to this main body of information, but also to information on chronic fatigue syndrome from more remote sites that you might not normally come across. Many of these links are to information on nutritional supplements and other alternative therapies that may be helpful to someone with CFS.

Before beginning the links, here are some abbreviations you might come across:



Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (another name for CFS often used in US)
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (a name for CFS used outside the US)
Fibromyalgia Syndrome (a condition very similar to CFS)
Gulf War Syndrome (a condition experienced by many soldiers after returning from the Gulf War, symptoms closely match those in CFS)
Chronic Epstein- Barr Virus (CFS was once thought to be this)
Human Herpes Virus 6 (may be involved in some cases of CFS)
Neurally Mediated Hypotension (a blood pressure disorder linked to CFS)
Person With CFIDS
Young Person With CFIDS
Spouse (significant other) of Person with CFIDS
"damned disease" (i.e. CFS)


CFS FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions with answers)
Excellent resource, long (app. 1600 lines)

These are sites that access information and resources on the web relating to chronic fatigue syndrome

CFS/ME Information (Roger Burns)
Offers information and help on locating and using the wealth of web resources on CFS. Including news resources, information files and discussion groups. Also links to CFS related web pages and general health resources. Roger Burns publishes CFS-News and moderates the online discussion groups CFS-L and CFIDS-L.

ME-NET (compiled by Marc-Alexander Fluks)
Comprehensive directory of CFS related web sites. Both English and Dutch Pages. Well organized and easy to follow. Also includes a beginner's guide to CFS/ME.

Carleton Freenet CFS Page
A good reference guide to the resources on chronic fatigue syndrome. These include various CFS related web sites, newsletters, awareness, government agencies, and other WWW electronic resources.

This site includes unique resources such as the ME Sufferer's Hall of Fame; personal stories, poems, etc. of ME sufferers; notice board to post questions and UK support groups. There is also links to other ME related information and other medical info on the web.

YPWCnet Homepage
This site focuses on but is not limited to young persons with CFIDS. There is information on homeschooling; a YPWCnet newsletter; a BBS; a section for poems, essays, etc. from PWCs, PWCnet around cyberspace as well as an excellent collection of links to info on CFIDS and links to other medical sites.


Cheney Clinic
The largest and oldest clinic in the US serving the CFS community. Located in Charlotte, N.C. Headed by Paul Cheney M.D., PhD. This Web site includes public services such as a CFS test to determine the probability that you may have chronic fatigue syndrome and FAQ on CFS. By subscribing to the clinic you have access to other services that they offer.

Hunter-Hopkins Center
Located in Charlotte, N.C. Headed by Charles W. Lapp, M.D. Uses The Stepwise Approach to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia ("traditional medical therapy complemented by proven wellness techniques to restore well-being and help the sufferer to improve naturally").

Petrovic Health Centre
Located in Johannesburg, South Africa. Headed by Dr. Neboysa Petrovic. "The treatment programme is based on the most successful and powerful combinations of 100% natural antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, tailored to each individual, combined with a correct diet." Web site includes over 30 pages of text and 10+ graphs explaining the treatment program and information on the center.

Nathanael Medical Center
Located in Dothan, Alabama. Headed by Dr. Sam Banner. After he was diagnosed and treated for chronic fatigue syndrome, Dr. Banner founded the Nathanael Medical Center, which is dedicated to helping others whose lives have been disrupted by CFS or FMS. This web site briefly describes his story and the founding of the center as well as provides links to other web sites on CFS and FM.


ChronicIll-net CFS page
This site provides information about chronic illnesses in general as well as CFS specifically. Areas include Breaking News, Calendar of ChronicIllnet Events, Research and Data Information, Research Bulletin Board, Other Web & Gopher Sources and CFS/AIDS Book OnLine.

Homepage for the Immune Mailing List
Reference for people with immune system related ailments including chronic fatigue syndrome. This site serves as a mailing list, an archive site, a source for information and a gateway to other sites.

Environmental and Preventive Health Center of Atlanta CFS page
Brief history and explaination of chronic fatigue. States that the many illnesses with chronic fatigue as a major symptom may have a similar basis for their development—molecular damage from oxidative stress. Goes on to explain this theory.

CFS Village
Personal pages of individuals with chronic fatigue syndrome and general resources.

Nutrition: Medicine of the Future
This site explores the issue: What is Optimum Nutrition? Includes: Tomorrow's Medicine, What is a Healthy Diet, the Optimum Nutrition Formula and Nutritional Research Articles and Links.

CFS DAYS Home Page CFS/FMS Resources
Extensive collection of information and resources on chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. Also CFS cartoons and links to other sites.

Colorado Health Net Fibromyalgia Center
Good resource for fibromyalgia. Includes FM definition, facts and stats; FM treatment providers, FM developments, FM support services and resources, FM medications and FM library.

USA Fibromyalgia Association
Provides information on fibromyalgia and an opportunity to join the organization.

CFS/ME/Fibromyalgia Page at Environmed Research Inc.
"We believe that chronic fatigue syndrome is just one example of non-specific hypersensitivity disease and should be treated with diet revision as the first and most essential form of therapy." Goes on to explains this theory and the Core Program (State-of-the-Art Diet Revision Therapy)

Great Smokies Diagnostic Laboratory
Describes various tests that may help make a diagnosis in case of chronic fatigue.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or Chronic Mercury Poisoning?
Jeff Clark tells the story of his battle with chronic fatigue, finding the cause to be mercury poisoning and how he was cured. He also presents scientific data and other information that supports a role for mercury poisoning in chronic fatigue syndrome. There are also links to other mercury sites on the web.

These are individual articles from various sites on the web

New Treatments for Chronic Fatigue

Malic Acid, Energy, & Fibromyalgia

Treatment of CFS with Specific Amino Acids

Nutritional Preventive Medicine

Melatonin (from Cognitive Enhancement Research Institiute)

DHEA (from Cognitvie Enhancement Research Institiute)

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
This article focuses on an alternative approach to chronic fatigue syndrome- Chinese Medicine, which includes acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and QiGong exercises and massage techniques.

Myers Cocktail
Myers Cocktail is nutrient formula used intravenously for many ailments including CFS and fibromyalgia.

Gingko Biloba

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (from
Focuses on Chinese herbal medicines for CFS.

The Management of Chronic Fatigue (from American Association for CFS)

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) from
Explains CFS from the viewpoint of Chinese Medicine versus the Western viewpoint.

Flax Seed Oil (posting from CFS-L newsgroup)

Four recent magazine articles on the subject of magnesium
4 articles on magnesium, 2 of the articles deal with CFS

What Is Evening Primrose Oil e.g. EFAMOL®?

Essential Fatty Acids in the Treatment of Postviral Fatigue syndrome
Article copied from the USA CFIDS/CFS BBS in Augusta, Maine USA

Entero-Hepatic Resuscitation in CFS Patients: A Pyramid of Nutritional Health by Cheney and Lapp

Candida Albicans, The Yeast Theory, and CFS Part 1
Candida Albicans, The Yeast Theory, and CFS Part 2
Candida Albicans, The Yeast Theory, and CFS Part 3

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue with Diet

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: The Nutritional Approach
Good article, covers other areas of CFS, not just nutrition.

Overcoming Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Written by a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and a classical homeopath.

Fatigue Management


CFS Nutritional Supplements Ethical Prescription Drugs

Treatment HHV-6 Reactivation in CFIDS (Herpes)

CFS as Metabolic Disorder (Cheney)

CFIDS Vs. Depression

Cheney on Common CFIDS Treatments